The Art and Science of Active Learning

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What: The Art and Science of Active Learning is an online university faculty community discussion seminar, focusing on aspects of active learning at UCR. Hosted by XCITE, The Art and Science of Active Learning seminar addresses how UCR professors:

  • Differentiate active learning strategies from traditional, instructor-centered strategies
  • Develop an appreciation for the benefits of active learning
  • Participate in a community of learners around the topic of active learning
  • Learn strategies to prepare students for active learning
  • Identify tools that support active learning
  • Compare and contrast teaching methodologies for effective active learning
  • Construct an activity or module map that includes active learning strategies

Sessions include:

  • April 20: Introduction to Active Learning
  • April 27: How to Prepare Your Students for Active Learning
  • May 4: Large Lecture Engagement
  • May 11: Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom
  • May 18: Assessment and Grading of Active Learning
  • May 25: Moving Forward with Active Learning

Why: Active learning strategies are proven to achieve higher levels of student engagement than traditional approaches to teaching. Active learning strategies can lead to increased retention, resulting in higher gains in student outcomes. 

When:  Sessions will be held online throughout the UCR 2022 Spring Quarter, from April 20th - May 25th on Wednesdays from 2:00pm - 3:00pm.

Where: Sessions will take place in Zoom

Who Should Attend: Faculty and TAs



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