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Fall 2021 Information

Fall ‘21 will be challenging, but nothing we can’t handle at UCR. XCITE has partnered with ITS, campusreturn.ucr.educlassrooms.ucr.edu, and ontherise.ucr.edu to help you find resources faculty and TAs can use.

Daily Wellness Survey

UC Riverside students, employees, and visitors are required to fill out the Daily Wellness Check on all days when they will be in campus owned or operated facilities. It also will be required for many events and gatherings on campus. 

Instructional Continuity Consultants (ICCs)

The XCITE ICCs are a cohort of XCITE teaching assistants who support UCR faculty and assist UCR in maintaining its high instructional standards during these challenging times.
The ICCs have been hired and trained by XCITE for Fall 2021 to help instructors merge their pedagogical needs with new tools and technologies such as those available in the RISE rooms and the Student Success Center.

ICCs also help set up portable equipment in non-RISE rooms to live stream or record lectures or lab activities in a conventional classroom or lab.

ICCs can be present in the classroom during class sessions for one or more sessions. They also consult with instructors outside of class hours to prepare them for live streaming lectures, Zoom sessions, use of room cameras, and new in-person protocols.

ICCs understand the technology in your classroom, but for immediate technical help from ITS, pick up the emergency phone in your room and ask for an ITS first responder to come to your room within 5 minutes. Although ICCs are graduate TAs, they do not take the place of your departmental TA or engage with your students’ instruction, such as grading or leading discussions.

To request an ICC to assist or support your class, send an email to . In the email include the following details:

  • The name and number of your course
  • The number of students in your course
  • The on-campus location of your course
  • Your desired support role for the ICC (for example: help with a live Zoom session, help with the student engagement of remote students, or help with setting up a proctoring solution)
Health and Safety Protocols in the Classroom

Remember that all students must wear a mask. It’s okay for you to remind students to wear a mask, but instructors are not required to enforce safety policies. If you are having a disruption in the class, treat this as you would any other student conduct issue.

Remember to keep information about specific COVID cases among your students and colleagues private, and do not ask a student about their vaccination status.

Teaching With a Mask

Masks are always required indoors – even when you’re lecturing. Here are some tips for teaching and lecturing while masked:

  • Use a lavalier (clip-on) microphone clipped between your sternum and collarbone, about a foot from your chin. Disinfect before and after use. If you are in a RISE classroom, the mics installed in the room should be enough.
  • Since students can’t see your mouth, slow down your speech. Project using your coach or factory floor voice. Make sure that you enunciate.
  • Use non-verbal clues such as eye contact, hand gestures, or signals you and the class make up for “louder,” etc. Frequently check in with the class to see if you are still being heard.
  • Repeat a student’s question before you answer so everyone in the class can hear the question.
  • Print a written version of your lecture and post to iLearn, Canvas, or project on the screen in the classroom so students can read along in real time.

For more great information on teaching with a mask, view our video with Prof. Anika Spear from the Theater, Film, and Video production department.

New Tech Tools for better student engagement
Frequently Asked Questions

You can get more information from campusreturn.ucr.edu. XCITE can help with much more. Browse through teaching@ucr for innovations in teaching and learning.