Teaching in the Round Symposium a Success

XCITE and faculty from Oregon State University collaborated on a symposium for teaching in the round. OSU has two 360°classrooms, and UCR just inaugurated its 404-seat round classroom in the new Student Success Center. OSU participants noted three main discoveries in the five years they have been teaching in the round: a greater sense of “intimacy” with their attendees, adjustments in teaching style, and more democratization in the class. There are only four universities in the U.S. with this type of classroom including UCR, and participants at this symposium hope to work collaboratively as a consortium in the future to hold a conference on best practices for teaching in the round. 

If you are scheduled to teach in SSC 229 or would like to know more about teaching in the round, contact XCITE Senior Consultant, Cheryl Diermyer at cheryldi@ucr.edu

 UCR-OSU Symposium on Teaching in the Round Video