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The XCITE team at University of California, Riverside recognizes that our instructors are creative but short on time. UCR has partnered with OneHE to give you  24/7 support and inspiration.

OneHE is an online faculty development platform and community giving you short learning teaching tools you can use right away. OneHE works with experts in teaching and learning to develop course enhancements that will help you engage your students.

In the UCR|OneHE platform you can access a library of 20-minute videos packed with applicable tips and tools for supplementing your teaching. Also included in your account is 24/7 support, a UCR community chat, and opportunities to earn professional development badging credentials. The professional development credentials have been aligned with UCR strategic goals. You can achieve digital badges on the following topics:

  • Engaging Large Classrooms
  • Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Advancing Student Success
  • Facilitating Healthy Pedagogy

On a first come first served basis we will be rewarding the participants who complete at least one digital badge on any of the above topics with $25 worth of dining dollars credit. You are free to complete more than one digital badge. Each digital badge completion will receive a $25 reward.  Note: There are a limited number of rewards available. Take the lead and become an early adopter now!

Access the guide on how to create your OneHE account here.

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