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Prepare My Class in Case of a Campus Disruption

Prepare My Class in Case of a Campus Disruption

Taking time to prepare for the possibility of an interruption to live instruction will minimize the effects of those disruptions and help ensure student time to degree. Preparation includes proactively communicating detailed instructional plans, expectations, and alternative instruction strategies in your course syllabus.

Following the steps below will help you stay ahead of any disruption:

Prepare My Class in Case of a Campus Disruption

  • Connect With Your Department

    Department administrators may have instructions or resources to guide your approach to continuity of teaching. Begin your preparation by checking for guidelines provided by your department or college leadership. This is especially important if you have unique circumstances that would not be adequately addressed by implementing remote instruction (e.g. laboratory, performance studio or field course). Consultation with colleagues also is encouraged, especially those who already have experience with many of the remote instruction technologies.

  • Post Required Materials to iLearn

    Good news! You may have already made your course content available on iLearn. If you have not, take some time to make sure your iLearn site is clear and organized and the required resources (i.e., PDFs, links to materials, etc.) are accessible.

    Keep in mind that many students may only have access to the course site on their phone or tablet, so make sure you are using mobile-friendly formats, and keep the file size small.

  • Practice Recording and Uploading Lectures and Hosting Synchronous Meetings

    To prepare for campus disruptions which result in face-to-face lectures being suspended, it is recommended instructors get comfortable using the technologies required to record and upload lectures and host synchronous meetings. This will help mitigate technical difficulties in the event that an instructor is required to use these technologies during a campus disruption. 

    Review the previous tab "Create a Zoom Account" or read "Offering Synchronous Lectures or Virtual Office Hours" to learn more about holding live video meetings.
    Review the "Pre-record Lecture Video" tab to learn more about recording and uploading lecture videos. 

  • Reevaluate your Expectations

    Students who are prevented from attending class due to circumstances beyond their control may not have access to campus tools or resources. Be prepared to make exceptions for these students, or to adjust your expectations or course requirements. Remaining flexible and adaptable can ease the discomfort of any course interruptions.

Next Steps

Following the above steps is a great start and should put you, your course, and your students in a comfortable place to address campus disruptions as they occur. If a campus event is disrupting your instruction and you are ready to teach your class remotely or respond to student requests to learn remotely, please visit the pages about those subjects for more detailed instructions and resources.

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