YuJa Training Webinars

Please join us for two webinars covering UC Riverside’s new video platform, YuJa. To call it a video platform is an understatement since it is like YouTube, Zoom and iMovie video editing software all rolled into one software package. It is free for all UCR instructors to use and is integrated into Canvas. You can pretty much create movies to your heart’s content and not run out of storage space. It also includes closed captioning which supports accessibility.  

Please register by clicking on the date below.

YuJa Basics  

  • Overview of YuJa  
  • Recording Your Web Cam 
  • Recording Your Computer Screen 
  • How to Share Your Recording  
  • How to Store Various Media  
  • How to Integrate Your Recording into Your Canvas Course  
  • Closed Captioning  
  • Student Recordings 
  • Video Quizzing  


YuJa Advanced

  • Video Editing  
  • Video Conferencing