XCITE wishes to welcome faculty and students back to campus for the 2022-2023 academic year. XCITE is always generating innovative ideas for improving teaching excellence, and this year is no exception. The High-Viz wall in the XCITE Commons (Rivera Library Rm. A0101A) is an exciting new tool, perfect for large format presentations, like pictures from space! 

We have completed the remodeling of the Commons and plan to get a lot of good use out of it during our First Annual Teaching & Learning Week, Oct. 17-21, which includes four free Lunch & Learn sessions in the Commons. Registration link is on the teaching.ucr.edu home page

And UCR has been named #1 university for student upward mobility - but have we closed all the equity gaps? We explore Inclusive Pedagogy throughout the year, starting with our Teaching & Learning week. 

Look for exciting, collaborative workshops, series, and grant opportunities like our launching of the Community-Engaged Teaching initiative in Nov. 2022 and the Creating Teacher Portfolios Series in Spring 2023. Women In Engineering Lunch & Learns return, as does RIDLE with opportunities for faculty in its second year. 

And, keep watching our teaching.ucr.edu website as we make it simpler to navigate and ready for our new life in the changing world of education, post-pandemic. We look forward to presenting an exciting year to you, and getting your feedback.   

by Teresa Neal, XCITE