Student population across our university is increasingly diverse. We should consider how a variety of student backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge may reshape classroom expectations, behaviors, and activities. We at XCITE support inclusive climates and practices. Inclusive pedagogy refers to designing our courses, classroom activities, curricula, and assessments to be inclusive of all our students' diverse needs. It is an effort to engage all our students in learning that is meaningful, relevant, and accessible.

Teaching inclusively requires intentional effort by instructors to help students overcome barriers to learning. Below are some examples to get you started in implementing inclusive pedagogy practices in your classroom.

DEI Rubric- Our Faculty Development and Instructional Design team, in collaboration with the IDFS Working Group, have developed a rubric to aid faculty members in the development of their courses. Please fill out this form to gain access to our DEI rubric

Writing your Diversity Statements- Writing a Diversity Statement can demonstrate your awareness of the importance of embracing diversity and working for inclusivity and equity in your classroom.