ADT Presents: How ChatGPT and AI will change the way that we teach

When: Tuesday, January 24th, 1pm-2pm

Where: Online via Zoom (link

Facilitator: Morris Maduro

In this online panel discussion and workshop, we will describe how ChatGPT works and what its benefits and limitations are across the disciplines in higher education.

At the end of 2022, the advanced chatbot ChatGPT was released. ChatGPT is a free 'generative AI' that produces different versions of passable written answers and can generate answers to tests in the sciences such as scoring 90% in a microbiology quiz. It has prompted a panic among educators who are predicting a new wave of cheating. Instructors have already found that students are using it for writing assignments.

We will provide suggestions for changing how we teach and assess, and suggest ways in which ChatGPT and other AI systems could be used as tools to promote learning.