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Learning Outcomes in Canvas

Learning outcomes are formal statements of the observable and measurable results of what a student will be able to do at the end of a learning experience (e.g. completing a project, program, or course). Explicit Learning Outcomes assist instructors in implementing their course through Backwards Design and identifying areas for improvement as well as increasing equity for students by communicating expectations clearly to them. Learning Outcomes also allow for the alignment of different learning experiences in a student’s progression through a course of study and for analysis of the effectiveness of teaching methods. At XCITE, we are leading the effort toward making learning outcomes more concise/specific, student-centered, measurable, meaningful, and achievable.

XCITE is launching a new training to help faculty utilize the ‘Outcomes’ feature in Canvas. Canvas Learning Outcomes produces learning analytics that can be used as

1) Evidence of teaching effectiveness

2) A way to incorporate research into teaching

3) A tool for continuous course improvement that can help you identify and address where students are struggling.

Register here to join us virtually via Zoom for a hands-on training session where we will learn how to create learning outcomes in Canvas at all levels (course, program, & institutional). We will then learn how to tag these outcomes to quizzes, discussions, and assignments and how to access the student learning mastery gradebook to view each student's overall class performance. We will also share strategies on how you can improve your assessments by tracking student outcomes achievement and therefore optimizing their success.

After the training, we will work on forming a faculty learning community who would like to implement this in their own courses for this quarter and at the same time work with other faculty colleagues to share and learn from each other. XCITE will be supporting and coordinating with this community.

Optimizing Student Success with Canvas Learning Outcomes

September 25th, from 12:00-1:30 pm

Online via Zoom with Dr. Swati Ramani & Mariah Cladis


How Can I Get Involved?

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