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XCITE offers a range of faculty development opportunities for the advancement of online teaching at UC Riverside. The XCITE Team engages Faculty Excellence in Online Teaching through the development and support of ongoing Faculty-led Communities of Inquiry (RIDLE), Course Re-Development Stipends (RCC), and Online Training Courses (TASAL).

XCITE is also a member of the national online organization, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), and UCR faculty, through XCITE, can obtain nationally recognized online teaching certificates and/or attend mastery workshops from the OLC. Contact XCITE for more information.


Upcoming and Current Faculty Development Opportunities

Past Faculty Development Opportunities



Recent Topics
  • Where can I find past XCITE webinars and courses?

    Click on the Support/Training tab and scroll to the Training Library section.

  • How do I use closed captioning in Yuja?

    Log in to Yuja at ucr.yuja.com and locate your video. Mouse hover over the video and select More. Within the list of menu options select Accessibility. Select either Auto Caption or Human Caption and follow the prompts.

  • Looking to maximize online exam security?

    Discover how to use two layers of security to protect honesty and foster an environment of academic integrity to produce more secure exam outcomes.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Can I use Slack to share videos?

    Yes you can share files through Slack. Please read the documentation here.

  • Where can I find Gradescope?

    You can add Gradescope to both eLearn and iLearn courses.

    eLearn: Go to course Settings/Navigation and enable it from the list of options.

    iLearn: Please review the instructions for enabling Gradescope in iLearn here

  • How do I add a recorded lecture into my course from within YuJa?

    Once your video is added to YuJa, you can choose the "More" option from the video thumbnail menu and select "Links" to grab the link or embed code to provide to students through a course. NOTE: you may want to adjust the link "Security Settings." You can also use the "YuJa Media Chooser" integration to deploy videos to course Pages, Modules, or Content Areas from within a course. See these resources for using the YuJa Media Chooser in eLearn (Canvas) and using the YuJa Media Chooser in iLearn (Blackboard).

  • How do I connect to my Google Drive in Canvas as an Instructor?

    The Google Drive web service allows you to integrate Canvas with your Google Drive account. All users can authorize their Google Drive accounts for access to Google collaborations and assignment uploads. More instructions can be found here