XCITE Research

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What is XCITE Research?

XCITE research is a mixed-methods research collaborative investigating teaching and learning to inform future directions and enhance the student and faculty experience. XCITE partners and collaborates with UCR faculty and students, local, regional, and national organizational partners, and institutions within and beyond the UC system.

How Can XCITE Support Your Research?

XCITE Research is open to discussing new ways of supporting and collaborating on your teaching-related or user experience research. A sampling includes: 

  • Letters of support for the scholarship of teaching and learning and/or pedagogical research
  • Partnership or collaboration on internal and/or external research grants
  • Graphics or visualization support (subject to recharge rate)
  • Multimedia and/or video support for externally-funded research grants (subject to recharge rate)
  • Proposal or budget planning for course development or teaching-related research projects
  • Research assistance with classroom teaching observation protocols
  • Usability studies or focus groups for course development