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Rethinking Instructional Design for Learning Engagement (RIDLE 4X)

XCITE is inviting select faculty who teach undergraduate courses from each of UCR's colleges to participate in this new faculty professional development and course design opportunity. Learn More…

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion With XCITE

XCITE joins the campus-wide commitment to identify bias, close equity gaps, and develop a culture of inclusion and student success without barriers. XCITE can raise awareness of DEI in your course design, information visualization, and faculty development…

Learning Outcomes

You can observe and measure the effectiveness of your courses to support your students’ engagement with subject content and acquired skills. Features in Canvas, Gradescope, and other tools make a big difference - see how…

High-Visualization Wall

The high-visualization wall is a fully interactive touchscreen, with the ability to register up to 25 touch inputs at once. This technology supports the intersection of high visualization work, big data, and high-end computing. See how to make this part of your Classroom of the Future.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences in the classroom can help enhance learner motivation and understanding of material as well as break access barriers in higher education…

Healthy Pedagogy

Healthy Pedagogy integrates sincere mindfulness of the health and well-being of instructors and students into course design and the art & craft of teaching. Healthy Pedagogy integrates with the UC DEI Rubric. View the guide.